Consultation into Faster Broadband Coverage

The Connecting Cheshire Project is striving to extend the availability of faster broadband infrastructure to meet the Government’s target for 95% of the UK to have access to superfast broadband speeds by the end of 2017.

To achieve this, the Connecting Cheshire Partnership intends to procure further coverage of Next Generation Access (NGA) broadband infrastructure (capable of delivering download speeds of at least 30 Mbps) in areas within its Programme Area where such broadband is currently unavailable, by the end of 2017. The Connecting Cheshire Partnership now intends to conduct a further open procurement in respect of the remaining area without NGA broadband infrastructure (known as “white NGA”), which comprises around 25,750premises (17,129at <24 Mbps).

The Connecting Cheshire Partnership is requesting information on, and supporting evidence for, any current or planned (within the next 3 years) investment in broadband infrastructure in the Connecting Cheshire Area, where this may not be already included within the proposed NGA and Basic broadband intervention area maps, see below.

Please send your responses to arrive no later than midnight on Thursday 16/03/2017.

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