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Home & Business users before and after fibre case studies

However you use fibre broadband, we’d love to hear your stories of the great things you can now do! To get in touch, contact us: info@connectingcheshire.org.uk

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Charles Hobson

Charles recently was able to switch to fibre to the premise – see how it has helped him Charles Hobson case study

Supreme Visors

Faster broadband has helped grow the business by 15%, but how? Supreme Visors [PDF – 360Kb]

Lois’s Little Cake Company

Superfast broadband really is the icing on the cake! Lois’s Little Cake Company [PDF – 470kb]

Jono Brain

How did upgrading to fibre benefit you and your family? Jono Brain case study [PDF – 372kb]

Terry Golding

What difference has fibre made for a professional voiceover? Terry Golding case study [PDF – 443kb]

Tony Collins

What does Tony think is the biggest benefit of fibre broadband? Tony Collins case study [PDF – 316kb]

Mike Gibbons

How has fibre broadband made a difference to Mike’s family and work? Mike Gibbons case study [PDF – 383kb]

David Flavell

How has fibre broadband changed David’s work and home life? David Flavell case study [PDF – 258kb]

Bryan Evans

What does Bryan think about the broadband speed rise he’s experienced? Bryan Evans case study [PDF – 274kb]

Alan Barker

How does fibre broadband affect Alan’s family’s 13 connected devices? Alan Barker case study [PDF – 348kb]

Jacq Cliff

See how a family have adapted to being in the fibre fast lane. Jacq Cliff – case study [PDF – 358kb]

Bongo’s R&R Pickles

How did we help Bongo’s business? Bongo’s R&R – Case Study [PDF – 433kb]


Topwood are off to a superfast start with fibre broadband! Topwood – Case Study [PDF – 335kb]


How did superfast broadband make a difference to Veracity? Veractiy – Case Study [PDF – 375kb]