Red Line Credit Control – Digital+ Case Study

David Harrington Wright, Managing Director, Red Line Credit Control

Red Line Credit Control is based in Chester aims to gets results without resorting to an aggressive approach. Their ideal aim is to collect outstanding monies but maintain positive relations between client and customer wherever possible.

Why did you want to take part in the Digital+ Programme?

The reason we took part in the Digital+ programme was to help us improve and utilise our existing digital marketing platforms which we felt were not working for us, and we were not maximising our online presence in any capacity.

How did the Digital+ Programme benefit your business?

The 1-day intensive seminar was fantastically delivered, it was packed full of insightful tips and tricks on how to enhance our digital and social footprint, we can now take these suggestions back to the business and introduce them into our marketing plans. During the seminar, a wide variety of topics were covered such as; websites, social media tools, cloud-based technology and applications.

One detailed part of the course showed us how to analyse our own website, and check that it was set up correctly to maximise search engine performance. It was very clear using a real-time data download that ours was very poor, despite having paid a significant amount to have our website optimised!.

Since attending the Digital+ Programme have you made any changes?

Yes, since attending the Digital+ programme, I have started to implement changes to our business and the way we operate our marketing/ website. The website has been updated in the back office, the hosting has moved to a company that will implement the changes and give us good advice. It’s already had a marked improvement on the number of enquiries!

How have you found the support provided by the Digital+ programme? 

The support provided by the Digital+ programme has been absolutely excellent from start to finish.

Would you recommend this project to other SME’s across Cheshire and Warrington?

100% no brainer. No matter what your existing knowledge I guarantee you will come away with something you can implement and benefit from!

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